About ARTPred

Founded in 2014, ARTPred B.V. is a research driven medtech company in the field of reproductive health. Our vision is to fundamentally improve global fertility care by making our technologies available to every fertility patient.

Nowadays around 30% of all the IVF treatments result into a pregnancy. Can we increase pregnancy rates of IVF even further? We at ARTPred are convinced we can. The key lies in the implantation phase, and we are using microbiome profiling combined with predictive algorithms to unlock these insights.

An important milestone has been realized; the development of world’s first microbiome based predictive test for IVF success, ReceptIVFity.

Want to know all about the clinical trial, the test itself and more importantly: the impact on women’s healthcare? Keep reading!

Together with our strategic alliance partners it is our objective to accelerate improvements, and further increase the success rates of IVF treatments using microbiome profiling.

We have challenged the status quo. Like to join hands to accelerate improvements in IVF Care? Please contact us.