ReceptIVFity is intended to assess the current suitability of an individual woman’s embryo implantation acceptation, prior to starting an IVF treatment with or without ICSI, based on vaginal microbiome measurements.

During the ReceptIVFity-I trial, the results of earlier single-center clinical studies have been validated in a multicenter setting. For this study 300 patients were included originating from 8 Dutch IVF clinics. A secondary purpose of the ReceptIVFity-I trial design was to technically validate different high-throughput platform technologies. These technologies support personalized, quick, robust and sensitive predictions. The outcome of the ReceptIVFity-I trial clearly demonstrates the capacities of the urogenital microbiome composition as a predictor for pregnancy outcome after IVF/ICSI.

For the development of the CE-certified version of ReceptIVFity, top scientists have been involved to help select the most optimal urogenital sampling sites and sampling procedures, and the advice on the most suitable technology for high-throughput analyses. Furthermore the research team has optimized the predictive algorithm and personalized information sheet that will accompany each analysis.